R-Track Advantages


Independent row

Independent row

Connected row

Connected row



  • Connected and independent row trackers with common components create a unique value proposition to optimize installations on land with mixed terrain and imperfect land shape

  • Smaller block sizes than competitors further enhances the ability to maximize space without increasing costs

  • Accuracy of ± 1°, up to 120 mph wind tolerance and advance features, object detection, back tracking, self powering, wind measure and auto stow. It also has high tolerance to pile inaccuracies: ± 5° twist, ± 5° North-South slope tolerance and ± 1.5° pile plumbness 

  • Comes with complete end-to-end cloud based and user friendly data acquisition and monitoring system

In-field Operation & Maintenance


  • Actuator, motor, sensors and controller are maintenance free for life

  • Automatic obstruction detection reduces potential damage and help pinpoint problems

  • Automatic night time 5° - 15° stowing mode allows rain and dew to run off and minimizes wind loads during non-tracking hours

  • Manual stowing modes are provided for inspection, panel cleaning and grass maintenance

  • High quality controller, actuator and motor ensures reliability in performance and long life of power electronics 



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