Creating clean energy isn't just our job, it's our passion! We're always looking for new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our changing world.



QuantPower, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based, solar technology company with innovative designs and solutions in solar generation, tracking and monitoring.

QuantPower has marked its landmark across a gamut of verticals: The world’s most efficient low concentration PV technology, embedded cloud-based monitoring & control system, software algorithm development, electronic hardware and mechanical system design.

In August 2016, QuantPower acquired SmartTrak Solar Systems (Pvt) Ltd. - a solar tracker company established in 2011 - with the benevolent thought of addressing the energy crisis and climate change issues globally through a vision aimed at becoming a global leader in solar tracking technologies thus transforming lives of people and the world’s future. SmartTrak was prominent and predominantly operating in India with a mission to inspire and assist its clients in achieving their goals of clean energy independence. 

In April 2017, QuantPower formed a joint venture with Hangzhou Runding Equity Investment Partnership Enterprise Ltd. (Runding), a Shanghai based, Chinese energy fund providing the required working capital, and a steel manufacturer with a proven supply chain and track record of over 10 GWs of high quality tracker manufacturing and supply, providing the manufacturing and supply chain expertise for the resulting Joint Venture, Runan Technology Co.’s R-Track independent and connected-row single-axis trackers.